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  • The Synopsis

    The Nelum Pokuna (Lotus Pond) – Mahinda Rajapakse Theatre is a fully equipped state of the art performance centre, meant for large scale theatrical productions. The theatre consists of two venues for performances, which includes the Main Auditorium and an Open Air Theatre.

    Situated in the heart of Colombo city, this modern architectural masterpiece facilitates easy access for both local and foreign producers. The Theatre is also surrounded by several five Star Hotels and other commercial establishments.

    The ease of access and the other facilities in the area ensures that foreign, local producers and artistes are given the prime opportunity to promote their work artistically and financially. Hence, the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaska Theatre becomes a solid body for bringing in foreign investment to the economy and will play a vital role in promoting tourism in Sri Lanka.

    The Synopsis

  • A Brief History

    Sri Lanka has a proud history of performing arts for about 2500 years. The performing arts existed in various forms in Sri Lanka, bearing distinct characteristics endemic to various regions and styles. Throughout ancient times, these arts received royal patronage. If the performing arts are to be sustained, it has to receive state patronage. The Sri Lankan government constructed this centre, especially for this purpose. To have a modern theatre like this is a long cherished dream of the Sri Lankan artists for many years. The dream which is now becoming a reality will be an ideal place for people to appreciate the culture and arts.

    The theatre will create a fertile ground for exchanging & exhibiting local performing arts of different ethnic groups. Furthermore, such a venue will also help the local artistes to integrate with international artistes and organizations, which will take local performing arts to the world stage.

    The Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre has been designed, by the Beijing Institute of Architectural Designs (BIAD). Its structural design has been inspired by the Lotus Pond in Polonnaruwa. The project was carried out under the guidance of the inland professional architects, visualizing the age old rich culture with various forms of performing arts and the National Heritage of Sri Lanka.

    The total funding for constructions of this theatre has been allocated as a grant by the People’s Republic of China, enhancing the long-lasting friendship between two nations. The agreement for the construction was signed between the Sri Lanka and China on 15th March 2006, and started construction at No.110, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 07 (Former Nomads Ground).

    In par with the best theatres in the world.The main objective of this venue is to be the best performing arts venue of south East Asia. With this vision in mind the performing arts theatre has created an excellent opportunity for both local and international artistes to host their performances. The theatre consists of a Main Auditorium, an Open Air Theatre and an Open Stage.

    The theatre benefits the younger generation of our Country and provides a venue for staging performances in a theatre built to international standards. The venue is already in much demand for performances, not only locally but, has received expressions of interest from countries in the region as well.

    The theatre has elevated Sri Lankan performing arts to an international level, by providing a venue to stage performances that is probably unequalled in design and technology, within the Asian region.

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